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Freeze-Dried Thyme Cut
Freeze-Dried Thyme Cut

Hela Thyme has a spicy-aromatic taste. It is good for making soups, brot ... more

  • $18.20
Freeze-Dried Basil Cut
Freeze-Dried Basil Cut

Hela basil has fresh-spicy taste which is perfect for rounding off the M ... more

  • $19.75
Freeze-Dried Chives Cut
Freeze-Dried Chives Cut

Hela Chives are used in making a wide variety of dishes such as sauces, ... more

  • $12.35
Freeze-Dried Dill Tips
Freeze-Dried Dill Tips

Hela Dill Tips are a classic salad spice with a tangy spicy aroma. It is ... more

  • $16.15

Hela Spice Ketchup

Germany's best-selling ketchup since 1963

Ketchup Curry Spice Hot 300ml
Ketchup Curry Spice ...

The Hela Original since 1963 - the Hela Curry spice ketchup spicy. A uni ... more

  • $3.70
Ketchup Schashlik Spice Piquant 300ml
Ketchup Schashlik Sp ...

Made from tomatoes and the unique Hela seasoning defines the unique spic ... more

  • $3.70
Ketchup Curry Spice Deli 300ml
Ketchup Curry Spice ...

Germany's most popular spice ketchup - the Hela Curry spice ketchup. The ... more

  • $3.70
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