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Mistura de Tomato

Perfetto, this hearty tomato-like composition ... more

  • $20.90
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Spice up with Hela. View our delicious recipe ideas.

Sichuan Mala Ngoh Hiang

Baguette Mistura Minced Meat Roll

Smoked Paprika & Garlic Chicken

Sauerkraut Mushroom Stew

Sauerkraut Apple and Bacon Quiche

Mashed Potato Balls

Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon Fillet

Honey Garlic Minced Chicken Rice

Baked Cheese Mashed Potato Cake

Sichuan Spicy Dumpling

Hela Spice Ketchup

Germany's best-selling ketchup since 1963

Ketchup Curry Spice Hot 300ml
Ketchup Curry Spice ...

The Hela Original since 1963 - the Hela Curry spice ketchup spicy. A uniqu ... more

  • $3.70
Ketchup Curry Spice Deli 300ml
Ketchup Curry Spice ...

Who doesn't know it, our Hela Spice Ketchup Curry mild with the green lid? ... more

  • $3.70
Ketchup Schashlik Spice Piquant 300ml
Ketchup Schashlik Sp ...

Made from tomatoes and the unique Hela seasoning defines the unique spicy ... more

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